Area of School Campus

(i)In Acres-2.27 Acres

(ii)In sq mtrs-9308 Sq mtrs

(iii)Built up area-1998 Sq mtrs

(iv)Area of play ground-1500 Sq mtrs

(i)Swimming Pool: No

(ii) Indoor games : Yes

(iii) Dance Room: Yes

(iv) Gymnasium: No

(v)Music Room: Yes

(vi) Health and Medical Check up: Yes

Transport System

The school have efficient transport system for all route. The school vehicles will pick up the students from the main roads only. It will be responsibility of the parents to bring the student to the stoppage points and to take them back.

The charges for school transport will be realised on monthly basis the tuition fee of the month. Conveyance charge for vacation will also have to be deposited.

Computer Lab

A full fledged computer laboratory has been established with sufficient number of computer sets and able teachers to run the computer classes efficiently. computer classes is compulsory for Classes Std. 1 & above.

Science Laboratries

The School provides adequate facilities for holding science practical classes. We are having Physics, Chemistry and Bio Lab in our school. All laboratories are quite spacious and fully equipped with adequate scientific equipments, chemicals and other teaching appliances. We provide maximum stress on regular attendance of students in practical classes.


The school library is open to all bonafide students and teachers of the school during the school hours. All classes will provide at least one library period per week. It is obligatory on the part of students and teachers to return the books within specified period so that it may be used by others. They will be held responsible for any loss and damage done to the books.

(i) Size of the Library in sq feet 900 sq feet
(ii) No. of Periodicals 25
(iii) No. of Dailies 4
(iv) No. of reference books class-wise 1513
(v) No . of Magazine 50
(vi) Others 524

House System

In order to create healthy sense of competition among the students, all students of the school will be divided among four houses that is Swami Sahja Nand House, Tagore House, Tipu Sultan House and Mother Teresa House.

Each House will be under the control of a teacher, who is called the House Master.  All students of each house will be headed by a senior student known as House Captain, who reports to the House Master. The house Captain and House Master will be responsible for the performance of their Houses in all the activities of the school like games, sports, debates, dance & drama etc. Each House will be responsible for conducting the school prayer term wise for one week.