The Academic year of the school begins in April and ends in March.



C.B.S.E, New Delhi


Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English through special emphasis is given on the teaching for Hindi and Sanskrit as well. the medium of communication in the school premises is only English.



The application for admission will be accepted only in the form prescribed by the school. No admission will be done until the student pass the last conducted by the school authorities. Only registration of candidates done guarantee admission as it depends upon availability of seats and selection procedure of the school. The age of child should be least 3 years at the time of admission in Nursery class.. Parents/Guardians will have to produce Birth Certificates, S.L.C. Character Certificate and marks of previous exam of the child at the time of admission.


Important Notice

1.Official  work, fee deposits, complaints/suggestions and school related issue will be entertained during school hour only.

2.Parents must intimate the school whenever their residential address/telephone number is changed.


School Timing:

In Summer

1st Half: 07.00 AM – 10.00 AM

Recess: 10.00 AM – 10.20 AM

2nd Half: 10.20 AM – 12.50 PM

In Winter

1st Half: 08.00 AM – 11.00 AM

Recess: 11.00 AM – 11.20 AM

2nd Half: 11.20 AM – 01.50 PM

The school will have six day’s week i.e. Monday to Saturday. The school timing may be changed according to change and severity of season.


School Uniform

For Boys: 

In Summer: Grey Half Pants, White Shirt, School Tie, Black Shoe and Grey Shocks, House T. Shirt

In Winter: Maroon colour pullover

For Girls 

In Summer:Grey Tunic, White Blouse, School Tie, Black Shoes and Grey Shocks, House T. Shirt

Notes: Girls of VII and above will wear Grey pleated Skirt, White Blouse, School Tie, Black Shoes and Grey Shocks, White Hair Ribbion and House T.Shirt.

In Winter: Maroon colour pullover



Inter School and School level competitions in sports, debate, quiz, painting & craft fancy dress etc. are regularly conducted by the school.



The school will enforce strict discipline among the students with the help and co-operation of parents/guardians. The student will remain  in the school for 5.5 hrs. and with their parents for the remaining period of the day and so the role of the parents is very important.

Parents are requested to give sufficient time to their wards at home and watch even their minor activities and affectionately suggest the right way of doing things. In fact parents are the real teachers.  It does not mean that we are shifting our responsibility. To build up the character of students and to make them utmost disciplined is our prime responsibility. Actually, to expel the students on the ground of indiscipline is to accept our failure. G.B.E.C. teachers all possible steps to bring such students on right path with the parents co-operation. In our opinion expulsion from school severe punishments are negative attitudes. To make the students disciplined is our prime responsibility and we accept it.



Promotion is granted on the basis of whole year performance of the pupil and regularity in attendance.



Before withdrawing a student from the school, an application must be submitted to the principal before seven days. Those who leave in the month of May must in all cases pay fees for the month of June being vacation period. Transfer certificates are not issued until all dues of the school are cleared. Caution Money is returned only if the student leaves the school after completing the session.



Students absenting on the previous day are not admitted to the class without the permission of the Class Teacher. Leave is granted on medical grounds. Repeated absence with or without leave for more than 2 weeks renders the students liable to have his name struck off the roll. Readmission may be granted only after the permission of Principal/Director. On re-admission, a re-admission fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged. Rs. 1/- per day will be charged as  a absence fine.


Mode of Examination

For all classes there will be SA1 and SA2 Examination. Besides these examination, FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, weekly tests and monthly tests will also be held. Progress of the students will be assessed on the basis of above tests. A student absent in any examination for any reason will not be re-examined.